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Student Success!

Get It Done! teensGreetings!

We are thrilled to serve Northeast Ohio young adults preparing for academic and life success. 

Our families say:

“I’ve seen more focus in how my child studies.”

“I appreciate how you work with the entire child, and not just scores.”

“Thank you Ms. Patricia, I know I will do well on the ACT!”

“Wow! I increased my composite score by 5 points by applying what I learned!  Thank you!”

Our students come from across NE Ohio and include Nordonia, Copley, CVCA, Wadsworth, Medina, Akron, Coventry and Shaker Heights, to name a few.

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Talking Effectively with Teens

Have you ever wondered how teens “know everything” but “do not listen”.  I sure do.  Where did all of that “knowing everything” come from? I have tried to understand this over and over again. Begin telling a teen how to do something or respond to a need that you see and what happens? For some adults, teens suck their teeth, roll the eyes, have a snappy remark or maybe even walk away. For other adults, teens will listen with rapt attention – savoring every word and every movement. Young people model what they consistently see and experience.

Remember when you were a teen? A school ager? The adults around you were so old. The wise ones were consistent and you respected them; even when they gave you the “look”. The “out there” adults were cool to hang out with, but you had better have your own back – you could not really trust what they were going to actually do in all situations. Then you had the “know it alls” who were always trying to “run” your life – sometimes not having their own leg to stand on. How did you respond to them? How do youth respond to you? Which “they” have we become?

Hope RelationshipI have found the best way to build a mutually respectful relationship with young people is to model what I expect – sincerity,  forgiveness, tenacity, consistency, applicable information, love.  That has helped me to lay the groundwork for effectively talking with teens where I learn just as much from them as they, I hope, learn from me.

In Service,

Ms. P

Dealing with Being Bored

Did you know that boredom stems from sadness?  Think about the young person you work with who describes themselves as bored.  What they are saying is that their  underlying emotion is sadness.  Identifying the emotion provides an opportunity  to take action to address the root cause of the sadness.  Maybe the information we are sharing does not seem applicable to the youth’s experience.  Maybe a personal situation or perception of the environment is impacting the young person’s ability to engage.  It may be a combination of factors.  What is sure is that the “boredom” does not have to be a personal attack on the presenter of knowledge or the innate character of the youth.  Identifying emotions and taking action means getting support and giving support – one to another.

In Service,

Ms. P

PATHworks!™ Wishes…

Merry Christmas 


Joyous New Year!

We have been truly blessed in 2013 with many new opportunities to support our young people in Northeast and Central Ohio!  PATHworks! was able to impact over 300 young people through workshops, individual coaching and programs, support seven new agency clients,  serve the community through volunteer service with several local initiatives, Project RISE Advisory Council, PATHworks! Subject Study Carousels at Maple Valley and Northwest Libraries, college and career days in local schools, Junior Achievement activities and – as those who know Ms. Patricia – walking down the street or in the mall “sessions” with youth and the adults who are with them:-)  We LOVE young people and seek to help them move into a future ACTIVELY making decisions that will ultimately help them Like their Future!
Thank you for your support!  Watch out 2014 as PATHworks! increases our impact in our FIFTH YEAR in business!     If you have not already done so, please join our newsletter to get up to date messages on PATHworks!Ohio events, information you can use, and opportunities to connect!
May you, your family and friends have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!
Be Well!

Ms. P

Living Life

secret garden path
We are the same person from birth to death (the later is inevitable). That ‘same person’ is impacted and impacts the world around them. That ‘same person’ grows, receives information, shares information, explores, changes directions, hits obstacles, overcomes them and keeps on going. We are constantly learning how to live in this world; what role we play; how to treat the outside world and what to expect from others. Succeeding and Failing. Living life. But, why is it that some people make it while others end in uninteresting and unfulfilled lives? How can we guide our children, students, college kids and ourselves to a life outcome that fully realizes our potential within?

At PATHworks!™ Ohio we will enjoy discussing our PATH, how we arrive, stay connected, get off track and get back on. We will share our best practices, tools and share resources and support to use in our daily professional life and personal life.

Enjoy the Journey!