Welcome back to a year full of possibilities.

Which actions will you choose?

Get It Done! teensStudents Seek opportunities that help connect your schoolwork to your future self!

Parents – Enjoy the ride:-)   Offering space to explore with opportunities to choose are key!

Educators and Adult Mentors “We know what we know”, right?  When we do not have information (or time), we secure resources to support our families.  Choose PATHworks!™ for presentations, encouragement and professional development!  Test Prep,  Academic Decision-making,  Engaging Unique Students.  We have what you are looking for!  Stay in touch – 330-861-4973 or patricia@pathworksohio.com!


Join us

#VALUEofYOU on Twitter @pathworksohio!

Our  #VALUEofYOU chats share INFORMATION about hot topics that impact our future self (like standardized tests and current research), INTERPRETATION alternatives and INSPIRATION to learn more.


We want young people to CONFIDENTLY AND ACTIVELY GROW THEIR FUTURE….and have the tools and supports to make it happen.

The PATHworks!™ family looks forward to working with you this school year!
Ms. Patricia


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