Living Life

secret garden path
We are the same person from birth to death (the later is inevitable). That ‘same person’ is impacted and impacts the world around them. That ‘same person’ grows, receives information, shares information, explores, changes directions, hits obstacles, overcomes them and keeps on going. We are constantly learning how to live in this world; what role we play; how to treat the outside world and what to expect from others. Succeeding and Failing. Living life. But, why is it that some people make it while others end in uninteresting and unfulfilled lives? How can we guide our children, students, college kids and ourselves to a life outcome that fully realizes our potential within?

At PATHworks!™ Ohio we will enjoy discussing our PATH, how we arrive, stay connected, get off track and get back on. We will share our best practices, tools and share resources and support to use in our daily professional life and personal life.

Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Kaydi says:

    Many many quality pionts there.

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