Hope Relationship™ Services

People, Places and Opportunities

Youth Leadership Development System promoting Success Skills

Hope Relationship™  process  provides program elements and related training experiences supporting the journey to bonded and productive mentoring relationships.  Hope Relationships™ are People Places and Opportunities that help and hinder our movement on our PATH.  Program elements and trainings promote the establishment of shared expectations of mentoring, authentic relationships and targeted goals; and sets the foundation for consistent communication between mentors, mentees and agencies.  This results in lasting relationships between students – middle school, high school, college and beyond –  and mentors.

Hope Relationship™ process experiences are structured to meet the unique needs of your program.

Process components may include:

  • Adult mentor retreat and seminarsMake Mentoring Work
  • Youth retreat and seminars
  • Combined activities for prospective mentees and mentors
  • Staff Development
  • Recommended follow up procedures during the post-secondary years