PATHworks!™ provides programs and services that help young adults move from passive to active decision-making in academics and life.  We offer products, programs and services that support parents, other adults and agencies who work with our youth.



Below is a list of the PATHworks!™ services and programs for youth and the adults who work with them.  If you’re interested in the consulting side of our work, please visit Patricia Smoot Wicks Consulting LLC to schedule a consultation with Ms. Patricia!



  • Get It Done! teensGet It Done!™ Coaching supports the development of actionable and self-directed post-secondary and career plans for young adults and parents. Participants strengthen their academic and personal decision-making by developing their Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity and Hope (Relationships). Coaching is available individually or in small groups of up to five participants  Learn More – Coaching Services  Workshops are also available for parents and adults!


  • feeling freeREAL Deal about Stress™ offers program elements and training that teaches people to identify stressors, learn strategies to combat stress, model personal strategies and present new knowledge to peers.  Appropriate for youth leadership and adult audiences.  Call Ms. Patricia at 330-861-4973 for more information. Learn more – Dealing with Stress


  • adult_groupHope Relationship™ Services provides program elements and training that develop effective networking skills and promote the establishment of shared expectations of mentoring, authentic relationships and targeted goals; and set the foundation for consistent communication. Learn more – Mentor Training




PATHworks!™ helps young people move from passive decisions to active decisions in academics and life; and supports the adults and agencies that work with them.  We offer individual coaching, small group and large group training and seminars.   Our services and products seek to inform current practices and support the development of sustainable impact.   All of the outcomes are student directed and inspired; adult supported.  Developing your Purpose Attitude Tenacity and Hope works!