The REAL Deal about Stress™

The REAL Deal about Stress™ teaches people to identify stressors, learn strategies to combat stress, practice personal strategies and present new knowledge to peers. We can make better decisions and feel empowered to effectively manage stress before it becomes bullying behaviors or depression.


The Role of Emotions

  • Explore how emotions are experiencedScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.27.16 PM
  • Discuss why we have emotions
  • Practice new knowledge through interactive activity

Coping Strategies for Stress – PART 1

  • Chemistry of stress
  • Define stress
  • Identify stress triggers

Coping Strategies for Stress – PART 2

  • Explore coping strategies
  • Practice coping strategies with peers
  • Ways to relieve stress

The REAL DealTM Card Project

  • Small group activity
  • Create REAL DealTM Card Pack
  • Identify community resources for more support

Staff Development

Train the Trainer Edition

  • Learn what impacts “attitude”
  • Identify the connection between emotions and stress
  • Provide healthy coping strategies for young people
  • Help youth foster control of emotions to make better decisions
  • Consider strategies to support positive behavior management