Empower Your Teen's Success with PATHworks

Welcome to PATHworks™, where every teen's journey towards independence and self-sufficiency is our passion.

Replace Concern with Confidence.

We understand that transitioning from high school to adulthood has unique challenges and opportunities.

As parents and grandparents, you bear the weight of these concerns, seeking a path to secure your teen's future. Leave nothing to chance! We're here to be your partners in guiding your teen to become AdultReady™ - competent, independent, and self-reliant in both academics and life.

Give Your Teen Tools to Succeed in Academics and Life.

At PATHworks™, we don't just recognize your teen's potential; we actively engage in their growth.

We collaborate with them to develop strategies for academic excellence, effective decision-making, and holistic personal development. Our approach fosters FLOW: Focused Learning, Ownership, and Well-being, ensuring your teen builds the tools and skills needed for present and future decision-making and circumstances. Feel the pride in your teen confidently taking daily actions toward their aspirations.

I partner with parents and youth-serving agencies to prepare teens [with tools] to make good life decisions that lead to independence, strong (academic) performance, and future success. Parents are able to relinquish control over their teens' successes and failures without losing their minds.

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Discover Your Teen's Path: Take the AdultReady Quiz

Curious or concerned about your teen's path to success? Our AdultReady Quiz offers immediate insights.

How We Serve

The FLOW: Focused Learning, Ownership, and Well-being for Academic and Life Success

We are committed to nurturing each teen's unique path, equipping them with the skills and insights needed to flourish. Whether they're excelling or facing challenges, our mission is to guide them to an AdultReady™ future - a life that limiting beliefs does not hinder and produces impact and success.
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Performance Strategy

Connecting study techniques and test-taking strategies to your teen's learning style, fostering academic resilience and success.

Personal Development

Building skills for emotional self-regulation, effective communication, time management, and fostering confidence and self-awareness.
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Future Planning

Teaching tools to make informed decisions about high school, college, and career paths, ensuring readiness for independence and adulthood.

Our Success Stories

“I got so much more than I thought. The program showed me what is important to focus on and how I can improve on my own.”
Andryana A.
Former Student
“I was provided with good tips that will help me move my needle."
Rebecca N.
Former Student
“I didn’t have any clue, format, or strategy to help prepare coming in, but I am leaving with many great tools."
Gabby K.
Former Student

Stay Informed and Supported

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Packed with inspiration, articles, resources, PATHtips™, and community stories, it’s your guide to understanding and supporting your teen’s journey to adulthood. From youth development insights to post-secondary planning, personal growth, and well-being strategies, we cover it all. Join us in this community where Hope Relationships™ thrive, and let's navigate this journey together."