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Welcome to PATHworks!

Thank you for checking us out!  As a way to introduce you to our reason for being, consider this…

We are the same person our entire lives. That ‘same person’ is impacted by and impacts the world around them. That ‘same person’ grows, receives information, shares information, explores, changes directions, hits obstacles, overcomes them and keeps on going. We are constantly learning how to live in this world; what role we play; how to treat the outside world and what to expect from others.  Succeeding and Failing. Living life. The foundation we launch from impacts our ability to pivot and thrive in our world. 

How can we encourage our children, students, young adults, our peers and ourselves to live a life that fully realizes our potential through the trials of this world? What are we doing to continue to strengthen our foundation?

PATHworks!™ is about validating and tooling our individual and collective journeys – how we arrive, stay connected, get off track and get back on. We created services and products to help young adults build a strong foundation to be AdultReady and support for adults and agencies who work with them to work better together.  We focus on developing a young adults Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity and Hope through academic coaching, transitions, life-after-high-school planning, conflict resolution & communication skills, self-care strategies and relationship building.

We are excited to have you join our community!  We will share our resources, ideas, successes and failures to learn, grow wisdom, and evolve into our purpose.  I look forward to impacting you through our work and being impacted by your contributions to the community.

Developing Purpose Attitude Tenacity and Hope works!

In Service,

Ms. Patricia

We Believe


Every Young Adult has a unique and valuable purpose to achieve.   Purpose seeking with an Attitude of determination, Tenacity tools and Hope relationships provide a foundation for the work.  Personal Development, foundation building and learning to engage with the resources within and around us is the work.  We are here to guide, tool, challenge, and encourage young adults to a successful launch into adulthood.

Our Mission


PATHworks!™ helps young adults make active decisions in academics and life to become Adulthood Ready, and supports the adults and agencies that work with them to work better together. 

Be who you are meant to be.  Do what you are here to do.

Our Vision


Every Young Adult expands their expectations of what they can accomplish and realizes their purpose.  

Supportive Adults and Agencies who work on young adults’ behalf work better together.

Hope Relationship principles guide our individual and collective work: authentic relationship with self, mutual respect, shared expectations,  and continuous improvement.

Be AdultReady! Work Better Together!



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