Looking ahead to your teen’s future, the outlook is undeniably bright. Through the guidance and empowerment provided by the AdultReady™ Academy, they’ll be equipped to stride forward with unwavering confidence, fully prepared for the journey ahead, no matter its twists and turns. Just as you’ve worked hard for your success, our mission is to ensure that the path to success is equally illuminated for them. In a world brimming with opportunities and challenges, let’s ensure that your teen is not only equipped with the tools they need but also instilled with the self-assurance to stand tall and ready to seize their aspirations.

Foundation Plus™: Equip Your Teen for Independence

Foundation Plus offers a three-month coaching block using our PATH framework – Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity, Hope – to build your teen’s academic and personal growth. Designed to foster strong decision-making skills, it’s an investment in their successful future.

For families needing a shorter commitment without compromising on value, Foundation Lite is your answer. This one-month coaching provides a distilled experience of our top strategies, complemented by a two-week follow-up bonus.

Whichever path you choose, we prioritize your teen’s unique needs, as defined in our initial family consultation. Be it harnessing their personal potential, navigating the challenges of high school and college, or gaining vital insights into college/career paths – we teach tools to achieve their goals. 

Online AdultReady Academy Coming Soon!

Get ready for something extraordinary this fall! Step into our Online Academy for a dynamic experience beyond ordinary coaching. Your teen gets 12 months of access to interactive modules based on our Foundation Plus Coaching, along with weekly office hours and monthly coaching calls with Ms. Patricia. They’ll also learn from special guests and successful PATHworks alums.

Our cornerstone? The PATH Framework. Each quarter immerses students in Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity, or Hope. This framework aligns with every lesson, ensuring your teen gains tools for personal development, academic excellence, and a smooth college and career journey.

With this Online Academy, you’re not just giving your teen resources; you’re handing them the roadmap to independence and success.  

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