PATHworks!™ helps young adults make active decisions in academics and life to transition to adulthood successfully; and supports parents, other adults and  agencies who work with them. Our customized youth development products and services focus on developing a young adult’s Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity and Hope including academic planning, transitions, life-after-high-school […]

STAY ACTIVE this Summer!

Excellent tools to use this summer to stay ACTIVE: www.jastudentcenter.org – Research your passion and career interests. Connect to your academic focus. www.khanacademy.org – Turn challenges into muscles not crutches.  Be sure to stay tuned in to your academic foundation.  Base knowledge is up to […]

Living Life

We are the same person from birth to death (the later is inevitable). That ‘same person’ is impacted and impacts the world around them. That ‘same person’ grows, receives information, shares information, explores, changes directions, hits obstacles, overcomes them and keeps on going. We are […]