We help teens be AdultReady through foundation building, personal development and learning to engage the resources within and around them.


Our Mission

Our Partners

We want to help you ensure your teen launches AdultReady™.

We care for our community.

We never forget our alumni.

We are a part of the journey.

Why work with us?

We've helped over 800 teens own their brilliance.

Our Experience

Ms. Patricia brings 30 years of experience in youth development, social work, program development, and evaluation, research, supervision, and training, WITH direct service experience in creating all PATHworks™ youth development, family support, and organizational consulting services.

Lasting Support

We support the adults and agencies who work on teens’ behalf with our SynergyBuilding™ process to work better together to achieve consistent and impactful mission-driven outcomes. We adapt to the need of your teen and respect their unique journey.

Real Connection

Our relationship with your teen is important to us. Hope Relationship principles guide our individual and collective work: authentic relationship with self, mutual respect, shared expectations, and continuous improvement. We support their time of transition and self-discovery.