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PATHworks propels young adults towards a future filled with confidence, purpose, and independence. Our guiding pillars — PURPOSE, ATTITUDE, TENACITY, and HOPE — shape resilient, self-sufficient young adults. They’ll learn to make wise decisions, develop strong academic habits, and chart a course aligned with their life’s purpose. This isn’t just about grades; it’s about crafting a life vision and building the persistence to see it through.  Step into the AdultReady Academy and watch your teen evolve into a confident, independent young adult.
Our Signature Programs

AdultReady™ Academy

AdultReady™ Academy is a transformative journey for teens, guided by the PATH framework to help them excel. Through Foundation Plus and Foundation Lite, we help teens become better at making choices, staying strong when things get tough, and doing well in school. Soon, we’ll have an Online Academy with fun lessons, expert help, and cool stories from people who were once in your shoes. Join us and get ready to rock your future with AdultReady™ Academy!

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Here2There™ Coaching: Dive Deep with Real-time Support & Real-world Results.

For parents who leave no stone unturned in their teen’s development, Here2There™ Coaching is our premier option . Rooted in the strong foundation set by the PATH framework, this program provides real-time, personalized guidance from Ms. Patricia. Beyond the core benefits of Foundation Plus, Here2There™ goes deeper, adapting as your teen transitions from high school to college.

Think mentorship, not just coaching – a tailored journey to excellence, ensuring your teen excels with confidence. Not just a step; it’s a leap to their brighter future. Your commitment to their success, unwavering.

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Get Your ACT Together: Master the Test & Beyond

Boost Your ACT Score with Get Your ACT Together! We make the test less tricky, combining smart strategies with what you know. Personal study plans, expert help, and more scholarships and college chances. Let’s tackle the ACT and set you up for success!


  • Bootcamp: A 4-hour intensive revealing core ACT strategies. Best for score improvement or test introduction. Includes a complimentary ACT practice test. Offered online and at PATHworks Connections.
  • Individual Intensive: Exclusively for AdultReady Academy Coaching students, or during select public offerings. Over five weeks, this one-on-one coaching dives deeper into ACT prep. Beyond test strategies, we address personal barriers, ensuring nothing stands in the way of a student’s top performance.
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