Sista Circle


PATHworks! Connections


A safe and fun space for young ladies to explore ways women and others use their voice to build successful lives and strong community. We strengthen our writing and leadership skills through self-reflection, spoken word, journaling, art, and community action. Things you’ll experience at Sista Circle: Learn the REAL Deal About Stress™ and strategies to deal with strong emotions Explore our voice through poetry, journaling, and artistic expression – Write, Speak, Create! Develop and Activate community action plans. Meet amazing women from our community who use poetry, journaling, artistic expression, and public service to share their voice and promote change


Circles meet on Wednesday evenings. Sista Circle Orientation is scheduled quarterly for high school and college-age young ladies who want to join.

Winter Quarter Session (January - March)
Spring Quarter Session (April - June)
Summer Quarter Session (July - September)
Fall Quarter Session (October - December)


PATHworks! Connections Office
2106 Braewick Circle, Suite 103
Akron, Ohio, 44313, United States